Monday, October 9, 2006

Sioux City (pronounced Sue City)

<--Cliff & Camden in the hotel pool. We wanted to camp, but it was rainy and windy. We enjoyed a much needed family rendezous. We overindulged on food, fun, and relaxing! Our only regret is that it wasn't a longer get-away. Cliff starts tomorrow at a wind turbine (wind energy) company in South Dakota. He'll be learning to operate a crane in order to perform maintenance on the wind turbines. From there he will be heading to Minnesota and then Illinois. And stopping home at some point in the middle. <--Cliff and Holden at Vicki, Joey, Jacob, Jonas, and Jewel's campsite near where we stayed in Sioux City. Their campsite overlooked the Missouri River and an Iowa casino boat. It was cool that it worked out to visit with friends and have family time before Cliff's next job on the road. It made it a lot easier drive for Cliff today too! He still had to drive 4 hours north of Sioux City.

<--Vicki at the pool in the hotel where Cliff, I and the kids stayed. It was so cool to see their new bus and get lots of great advice about being on the road. She, Joey, and their kids have been a tremendous inspiration and help to us. Our boys had a lot of fun hanging out.

<--Jonas and Jacob eating s'mores at the campground. We had fun making a fire and the kids went nuts over the s'mores. It made up for the crappy windy weather!

<--Camden on Jacob, Jonas, and Jewel's mini four wheeler. Holden and Camden had so much fun riding this with their kids on their farm over the summer. Lots of cool memories on that thing! It's for sale too! It was my first time to the Sioux City area. There was a lot more there than I expected. We didn't do much site seeing of course. We just went to relax and that's just what we did!

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