Sunday, October 1, 2006

Babel Fish icon

I'm a little baffled about the Babel Fish translator. I just checked to see if it is working and only the Spanish and Portuguese languages are translating tonight on this blog. On my other blog (A Bus 4 A Bus) it is translating to those as well as German, French, and Italian. And I am still not sure why it won't translate my blog into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean when the flags are listed. It is a little odd. I'm disappointed about the glitches and hope Alta Vista (Babel Fish) will get these glitches fixed. One thing I've noticed about technology is, it only gets better with time. So I will try to be patient!

It's nice having a computer because not only do I get to write in my blog, I get to read and learn about a lot of interesting things elsewhere I never knew existed!!

Off to see what Cliff is up to. The kids are all tucked in a sawing logs after a busy day here. We decided not to celebrate Camden's birthday today. We ended up working on some projects around the house. Cliff is off during the day this week and so we'll do something another day and just enjoy seeing Camden and Holden change daily. It's always something interesting with these guys!

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