Saturday, September 30, 2006

Babel Fish translator

I'm really excited about adding Babel Fish to my blog for those folks who find us and don't know English. I wish I would have figured it out a few weeks ago when I tried. Oh well. Most of the languages on the icon will translate except for a few. It was pretty easy to add to my blog. I hope more people will use these translators. I often stumble onto blogs and I don't even know what language it is written in. There was one I wanted to read and I had to figure out what language it was in so I could have it translated. It must have taken me 15 minutes to get it figured out. I felt like a moron.

Next I will be learning which languages are on my Babel Fish icon. I recognize a few of the flags but some I'm not sure. The first one (China's flag) doesn't translate. Neither does the Japan and Korean flag. Learning...learning...learning...

If you want to add a Babel Fish translator to your blog/site just click the top portion of the Babel Fish icon on my blog. It will open a box. Click the part that reads: Add Babel Fish Translation to your site. It's pretty basic. If I can figure it out so can you! By the way, if you have upgraded to Beta Blogger, it will be a cinch!

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