Friday, September 22, 2006

Magic tricks!

When I left Camden asleep in bed at nap time he was alone.
When he woke up this is what I saw:

Pebbles, our cat decided to cuddle up with him for a nap so she had hid under our bed and came out when I left the room. He was sooo happy to see her when he woke up!!! He is proving to be an animal lover like Holden is.

Holden found something interesting today too. In the back yard under a bunch of hanging vines! It was an odd mushroom I had never seen before. It was shaped exactly like a circumsized adult penis and was actual size. I should have taken a photo just for laughs. It looked like styrofoam and was a light yellowish color. The texture of the top (head) was grid like and raised with thin lines. Almost like the texture and look of a car air filter. Very unusual indeed.

See the spots in our toilet? Most of the inside was covered with a thick coat of lime for the past few years! I thought since we're going to sell our house in the near future instead of replacing the toilet to try C.L.R. It worked!! I had to empty the water and let the CLR soak for a while then I started scrubbing. There's still a few spots but it's better than it was! Thought those of you who have been to our house would get a kick out of this!!

Camden's handy work before:

The great marker disappearing act:

Karen Buxcel was here the other day and said to try Mr. Clean mark eraser. Well the hardware store had it but they also had something called "Goof Off" that takes off permanent markings and such so I tried it instead. I may have to spray paint this metal door but at least I the black marker won't show thru now! Hooray!!

I'm proud of my magic tricks--as you can see!! The kids sure enjoyed seeing the magic!! And Cliff was impressed when he came home today!

I hope your day was magical too!! :~)

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Heather said...

You've got a great blog. When I was a very little girl I lived in Des Moines, Urbandale and Iowa City. I still have family in Iowa we try to visit when we can.

I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! They are awesome!

For the left over toilet stains...use a green briso pad. You'll have to drain water and use gloves...lovely job...I had the same problem years ago but was able to clean all the stains with the briso pad.