Sunday, September 3, 2006

Lake Ahquabi State Park

Today the boys and I went on a Sunday drive to Lake Ahquabi State Park. I wanted to take them to the Nature Center nearby, but I didn't find it until they were both very tired and cranky from playing at the playground. Anyhow, it is one of those beautiful summer/fall days here. The air is cool yet still warm. The locusts are buzzing about in the trees and many flowers, including roses are still in bloom. We had enough rain this summer to keep everything greener than usual.

We had a nice time and I wish Cliff could have been with us. He had some things he needed and wanted to get done around the house. And I wanted to spend some time outdoors enjoying the boys, so it all worked out fine. The State Park was only about 20 or so minutes away. There were lots of
families at the playground and we enjoyed our time there. I always enjoy taking the back roads and we saw horses, cows, cornfields, rolling hills, and lots of green trees and fields. We saw many RVs along the way as well and old farm houses.

It's hard to
believe in a few weeks the leaves will be turning the most amazing colors and then the winds will blow and the leaves will fall. And for the next 5 or so months the trees will be bare and the land will turn dull and brown, except for when it is blanketed with snow.

I enjoyed capturing some photos of the Iowa landscape before the season changes are more noticable. My favorite thing about the State P
ark we visited were the shelter houses. The stone and woodworking details are amazing with the backdrop of blue skies, lake waters, and green grass and trees. Pictures really don't do Iowa or the people here justice.

Another thing I appreciate about today were the lack of mosquitos, or any biting insects. I'll have to try to remember that about Iowa! Sometimes the mosquitos are terrible but this summer they haven't been too terrible at all. And I love that we don't have to worry about stepping into fire ants here. Growing up in Texas that was one thing I had to worry about while outside. I guess the harsh winters are good for something! Not much can survive the winters!

Lake Ahquabi:
"Ahquabi" is a Sauk and Fox word meaning "resting place," and it is a fitting name for this scenic 770-acre park. The park site was recommended by "Ding" Darling, nationally known Iowa political cartoonist and conservationist, and was dedicated in 1936. Many of its structures were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930's and remain available for the enjoyment of park visitors.

Nearby Towns
Indianola is six miles north, and is the home of Simpson College and the site of the annual hot air balloon races. Des Moines, Iowa's capital, is 22 miles north.

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