Monday, August 7, 2006

Missing Cliff and the chance to travel

We love Iowa. Yes, we do! Yet, at the same time we want to be near the ocean, the mountains, the rivers, and National Parks. We want to live like Howl and Sophie in the book and movie, "Howl's Moving Castle." If you want to be wowed, see this 4 minute, edited version of "Howl's Moving Castle" on YouTube set to Goo Goo Doll's song "Iris." It's more fun to let the video play (download) on its own and come back in a few minutes and hit replay.

In "Howl's Moving Castle" there was a special door with a wheel to adjust to whichever place you want to go to. That's what I'd wish for my life! I'll take a modest RV instead to get us to our destination.

Right now Cliff is going on lots of adventures on his own. He has started working as a traveling electrician. A few weeks ago he went to Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, and Arkansas; all within a few weeks time. After this he came home for a week. Now he is in California about 90 miles north of L.A. and near the coast at a Navy Base for some training. He'll have some time for sight seeing. He's already been to the beach and has plans to go to other nearby sights with some of his Navy comrades.

When he turns the wheel and comes thru our front door again, I'll hug him and wonder how long he'll be here and when the kids and I will be able to turn the wheel to go with him. Our view is always the same, but not for long...

Last week we went to look at RVs. One day our castle will be moving. We'll set out for new sights and sounds. Until then, the kids and I will be here in Iowa. We'll be hopping in our minivan when we need a change of scenery. We'll be going to the Iowa State Fair this month and other places we can enjoy here in Iowa this beautiful time of year! We don't plan on selling our house this year. However, the kids and I will be joining Cliff on one of his next traveling adventures!

We're excited about journaling our life as it unfolds and about seeing new places!


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Free Range Family said...

Love the blog and can't wait to hear more about your travels and the job.

Maybe we'll see you on the road soon!