Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Let's go to the lake mom"

After breakfast this morning Holden asked me to take him to the
park by the lake in our neighborhood.
It's an overcast morning, but not hot.
So it sounds like a good idea.
So Holden, Camden, and I had a nice walk there.
Camden wanted to run with Holden.
And Shadow our dog begged to tag along--
so she came with us and had a nice run!
Cliff stayed home to relax, but met us there later.

So of course I didn't think to take my camera and went home to get it later
because we saw a mama duck with 3 babies swimming behind her, cicada shells, a monarch butterfly cocoon, and lots of birds. When I came back with the camera Holden had found a dead monarch butterfly to show me. I wonder what else we'll stumble onto this weekend? Maybe we'll head over to the nearby State Park to see what else we can find! It's exciting to see Camden's face light up when he sees new things! And Holden loves it too!

Seeing the cicada shells (sorry no pics of them here)
reminded me of a really cool,
award winning documentary I watched on-line called,
"Return of the 17 Year Cicada."
A freind told me about the movie. If you're interested here's a link:

It's mostly all visuals with captions and set to a lovely Enya or Enigma song.
The movie is only about as long as the song
(4 or 5 minutes including load time).

I better get back to my boys now! Duty calls...


Zamozo said...

It sounds like you had a good start to your day today and hopefully were able to shake off the blahs from yesterday. Your patience and security are being tested right now. Let me know if their is anything that you need. I wish good fortune for you and Cliff right around the corner!

Heather said...

Thanks for the kindness. Today was a lot better. I can't think of anything we need at the moment. I know we'll be o.k. It just seems like teeny, tiny baby steps and yes being patient is not easy. Cliff is the one who has most of the worry and work until he gets established in this field. He was told there's lots of jobs after Labor Day. So we'll just have to be patient and try to make the most of being together. Last time he was gone I wished I had been nicer to him when he was home. :~)