Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A rose for this rose

Man, has it been a long time since I sat down to write a blog post. I have lots of things I want to write and detail. Just can't seem to get it down here. I have been doing lots of writing in other places though, between friends and my husband and I. Lots of things are going on here. The for sale sign is in the yard. We have had people coming thru. We are just going with the flow and slowly going thru more stuff. We are dreaming and gathering lots of ideas for what we will do next. We found a great website with lots of ideas for where we could head to: http://www.caretaker.org/  The video is really cool also and it is not just caretaking jobs, but house sitting stuff. We are also reading some books about Gap Years. The dreams are really endless for us and we are very excited and hopeful.

Camden is turning 7 a week from today. He is so much fun and full of life. His spirit and happy energy is a force for good in our life and the lives of many others he touches everyday with his smile and laughter and love. Holden is also a joy and always full of wisdom and ideas. Their eyes sparkle with love and joy. It makes me feel so proud to be their mama.

My husband gave me the rose in this photo the day our house went on the market. He is so proud of the choices we are making and direction we are going with our lives. He is supporting my dreams fully and making them his dreams. It feels good to be on the same page after awhile of him not totally understanding. I was patient and it paid off big time. We are still fighting some inner demons, but overall we have made a lot of progress in our marriage and in other areas of our life. We know the next year will bring about some new challenges and things we need to focus on. We are ready for it!

At the moment we are plotting the direction we would like to be in the next year. We have decided to head south and west first. There is a conference in NM we would like to go to the end of December. We have not been to the SW U.S. and can see some inner growth happening for us there. And then we would like to be at the LIFE is Good conference in May. And if all works out we would like to be in the NE part of next summer. We will see how everything plays out. And then hit the east coast on the way to Florida and wind back around to Texas for Christmas 2012.

Love to all and may your days be filled with love and light!

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