Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here

Well, it has been so busy here I haven't even thought about blog posts. Every day goes faster than the one before. We are living in the moment and enjoying being home. We are having an early spring here, which is wonderful. I am actually all traveled out right now after two years of going all over. The kids seem really happy and all is well right now. We are still plugging away on stuff around the house. Hubby has a new part time job and is almost done with college classes. He is still trying to find the perfect job and that is proving to be elusive at the moment. We are still eating healthier and staying active. I don't eat restaurant food anymore (as of last fall) or processed food and my body fat is quickly depleting after months of this lifestyle now and my energy is thru the roof. I will be posting photos---hopefully soon after all the illnesses are thru with us. I will try to do monthly updates for awhile, until things seem to slow down a bit.

Love to all!

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Cam LaBelle said...

Hiya, Heather!

Glad to see some other movers & shakers, haha! I feel like we are just soaking up every last ray of sunshine right now, too. It really doesn't make for good blogging, you are so right about that.

Good luck to hubby... Big hippie high-five to you, friend :)