Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Eve Weekend 2011

Yin and Heather--7 Acre Woods zip line

Heather and Aunt Wilma at Heidi and Brian's house

Yin and her cousins

Holden and Camden with Aunt Wilma's kitten she is looking for a home for.

Heather and hubby in front of the tree at sister's house.

Yin and a pony at 7 Acre Woods.
Heather and Yin at Grandma and Grandpa Livesay's grave at Houston Veterans Cemetary.
It was a really good weekend and really busy, too! We made lots of happy memories this weekend and made time to go see my my Grandma and Grandpa's grave on Sunday.

My sister and brother in-law made some very tasty meals for us this weekend and have been very kind and patient with us. I wish I could get a photo of them together, but we have all been slumming it. So no decent photos of them.

All is going well here and the weather has been good to us. Camden has been practicing riding his new bike as well.

Lots of love to all!!!!!!


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juliecache said...

i'm glad to see all is well with you! happy new year!