Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I have 1,005,000 kisses in my pocket"

That's what Camden told me this morning as he ate his cheese omelet and orange slices. He told me I could have one out of his pocket and blew me a kiss! He got all those kisses from his dad and I. What a lucky boy and how lucky we are to spend everyday with our kids. Some days and weeks are easier than others, of course.

We made it home from Texas through a nasty winter storm. We stayed a really long time and planned to come home sooner. We decided to stay to help celebrate my nephew's birthday. On the 14 hour drive home, which we break down into 2 days, we went in the ditch an hour from home! The weather was much worse than we expected or we would have delayed our drive home. It took us about 20 hours on the road to get home because the roads were so awful. But thankfully the car suffered no serious damage and we were not hurt. The kids and dog were amazing on the way home and we were glad to be out of the car when we finally did get home.

Not many days after getting home we all starting getting weird spots on our bodies. They looked like ringworms and were itchy. We guessed the dog probably rolled in something. I have a nasty red scar the size of a pea on my wrist where one has healed but I have tiny bumps around it that itch. We took the dog to the vet last week and he said whatever is going on should go away on its own. Although he did try to talk me into getting her on some meds just in case, which were going to cost over $900. He thought the pharmacy would have them for about $100 and the cost had changed. He took some skin cells from a sore spot on the dog to see if it is anything. We are all boosting our immune systems and using anti-fungal cream we got from our awesome doctor. I've been doing lots of laundry in hot water and cleaning as well. We are mostly healed up but keeping an eye on our bodies for new areas of spots.

Cliff is back at work part time and looking for full-time work while he finishes his last two classes of college. He is really busy hitting the pavement and writing papers again.

I wish I felt like taking photos the past few weeks. Hopefully I can get some good shots this winter here in Iowa. I do adore my kids and the clever and adorable things they say! It makes the difficult moments in life much easier to endure. Capturing Camden's sweet words and joy are as important to me as any photo. Despite the trials and tribulations we have been through this month, we are grateful to be together--and mostly in good health!

Love to all!

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