Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding a surprise and making a snowman head in the woods

On Friday we had another perfect hiking day, so the boys and I raced off again with the dog. The snow melted just enough to spot a letterbox that had been hidden under a huge fallen tree by the waterfall. We signed the pad of paper inside and noted that no one else had signed it since the end of November.

The letterbox was a recycled Skippy Peanut Butter container.

The boys ran up and down the snowy creek and on our way out we decided to leave a surprise for someone.

It was like pulling teeth to get this shot. They did not want to stop working on their masterpiece.

The snowman head was near these broken up and bent tree branches.
We are anticipating a lot of snow this week. It will be fun to head back to the woods another day to see what it looks like with even more snow!

Happy winter!

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juliecache said...

in the words of bob the painter, "happy accident"