Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Texas in December

A special visit from my cousin, Yin (3) and Aunt Wilma. We were exploring the flower beds and she was fascinated with a caterpillar.
We arrived here on Saturday afternoon and missed some nasty weather up north. We were REALLY lucky we were able to leave town a week early. But experience has taught us that winter usually hits hard right around the 9th or 10th of December in Iowa, so we were prepared. At least, Cliff was. He asked all his teachers if he could take his finals a week early. He is a great student, so they were happy to bend the rules for him. We are with family and we are really happy to be here. The day we arrived it was sunny and 75. The temps have gone up and down, but overall it has been sunny and decent. We don't mind highs in the 50's.

Holden found this in the woods with Shadow. We have no idea if it is a coyote skull or dog skull.

So glad to have Daddy's company!

Holden loving his new boots and gloves--an early Christmas present. He lost his other leather gloves.

Loving up the sunshine and warm air.

Doesn't everyone love to skateboard and eat apples at the same time?

Morning snuggle time!

Spoiled by my sister and her husband! "Beer rocks" and "pizza pockets."

Sending out lots of love to all!


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