Thursday, December 23, 2010

The finger incident, fort and tooth fairy visit

 Camden lost one of his lower front baby teeth last night. It was wiggly for a few days and with no drama it came out when he was eating an apple.

The boys have been having fun in this fort lately! It is an upstairs bedroom. Holden and his cousin have slept in it two nights in a row. So fun!

And now for the finger incident: Cliff was playing basketball with the kids and one of the basketballs hit his pinky finger and bent it out of place. Needless to say it looked quite painful. Thankfully my sister got it back into place. When she heard what happened she jumped into action and got him fixed up! She's so good in emergency situations like that. I almost passed out when I saw his finger. He got ice on it and it is doing well.

We started wrapping presents last night and we don't have much more to wrap. We don't buy gifts for the adults and we kept gifts to a minimum since we give gifts all year. We try not to spend over a certain amount of money. We probably spent at least $150 per kid and that is more than we usually spend. But it is so easy to go overboard. And this year they are getting things like socks, belts, and clothing--as well as a few other fun things.

Sending out love to all and wishes for an uncomplicated holiday!!!


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