Monday, December 6, 2010

"Always here for you"

I heard those words spoken by my six year old, Camden to our lovely dog, Shadow. They were said with such kindness and love that I was taken back. I know kids behave in ways that are shown to them by people around them. They are barometers and mirrors of their world. So out of curiosity I asked him if I say that to him and he replied, "Oh yes, Mom. All the time." I know my husband is very kind and loving to him and me as well. So it makes sense to see the them being giving and loving to each other. Sometimes I see Camden giving his brother a quick shoulder rub or giving each other hugs. We are not always kind though, but we strive for it 98% of the time. We have our tired days and off days as well. We live by the mantra that we need to be here for our kids. They are our future. They need our support and they deserve to be loved and cherished. I have long forgiven my mother for not always being there for me. I want to be my children's mother, not my mother's child, as I have heard countless times from wise mothers.

I heard that every year gets easier as a parent. I have to say that is true! I'm glad to be in the place we are as a family. We like being together and we like each other. And I am extremely grateful for all the people in my life who have always been there for me! You know who you are.

Love to all!

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