Friday, November 12, 2010

My Dream-Wing Helm and the doings report

It is really fun to play WoW now that the days are so short and the weather is dreary again! This helmet was a sweet surprise from a dungeon drop and something different. I am almost a level 70. Yay! I have a flying rider now and can make a lot of gold by selling things in the auction house. I paid Holden back for all the help he has given me on WoW. I'll try to get some screen shots of us together playing the game.

It was a really strange week, but mostly good here. We got out a lot and had a lot of comings and goings with school conferences this week. Neighbor kids were coming and going, but one the most frequent visitor to our house is grounded. I took a little friend on a hike this week to my two favorite spots and she loved it!  She said she had never been to a state park before. Of course the dog (Shadow) went with us and it was a lot of fun.

A new and awesome grocery store (Trader Joe's) opened this past week and we have had fun trying new brands (mostly the Trader Joe brand) and recipes. I even have Cliff hooked on their products! Their prices are very decent as well for foods that are chemical free and all natural. Holden and I made clam chowder today and did some experiments with fire. It was a lot of fun! We are going to learn to make some foods that are covered in flames.

We are really excited that this semester is almost done for Cliff. I am starting to feel dazed and confused and Cliff is looking and feeling quite worn.I have been trying to pick up the slack this week by doing the yard work, which he usually does. The last of the leaves came down this week. Holden cleaned out a neighbor's gutters because they were full and she is a widow with not much family close by. He's a cool guy. I am terrified of heights so I supervised from below and held the ladder for him. He had a blast up high and came down via a tree. A friend of his tried to get on the roof to help him and was like me...chicken!

Happy weekend all!


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Haven't been to your blog in awhile. Really like the new design. C: