Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October sights

It is turning out to be a beautiful fall! I have taken a few photos around our neighborhood and home just to show a few bits and pieces of things going on here. Of course, there's a lot more going on than this, but this is all I have photos for:

This is in a lawn down the street.

Same lawn as above, but the pumpkin and ghosts are deflated.

Holden walking Shadow with her Halti (gentle lead). That keeps her from ripping our arms off when she tries to run after other dogs or sniff every tree and mailbox.

Holden going ga ga over a cat he notices. We see lots of cats and dogs on our walks.

Holden helping Camden set this game up.

Holden skinning a small ground squirrel they found in the road that had just been hit by a car. My boys have a natural hunting and gathering instinct. They would like to provide all our own meat, if they could. They did keep the skin, by the way.

So happy I finally got my haircut and highlighted again. I stopped dying my own hair this summer. I'm gonna go gray in style. Of course, I got it done at a discount through a local beauty college. I will really miss my girl when she graduates.
We have been pear and apple picking 3 times this fall. Pears are really yummy in fruit smoothies.

This is the bag of pears we picked last week. It is amazing to see all the insects on the ground eating the leftover pears and apples. So far we have escaped harm.

Camden has been very interested in Bakugan balls lately. He has been trading them as well. He is a very interesting little person and I am enjoying seeing him grow and change everyday. He has made a new friend this month and it is really neat to see how easily he makes friends and nurtures relationships. Cliff has made a list of items to focus on around the house. We plan to install a new shower and vanity in our bathroom this fall; this month is possible. Cliff has also started researching penny stocks. It is something he has been thinking about for awhile. It was neat to see him explaining stocks to Holden today. Holden is interested in learning more about that. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in a few weeks and then two weeks later Cliff turns 40. So lots going on here and for us to be grateful for. I hope everyone out there is well and having a wonderful fall.



inconsequentia said...

Hi Heather! ~ i loved this entry! always so cool when you share your adventures. I definitely need to go pear picking. :) peace

Heather's Moving Castle said...

There's a place in my town on Wright street that has pears, but they can be tough to see from the parking lot, if you don't know to look. That is where we go. Glad you enjoy our adventures. ;O)