Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fishing, hat boy, and new friend

Nothing fishy going on here!

He actually asked me to take this picture! He is a very confident and happy little boy. Never thought he'd love hats as much as I do, either!

Camden is a really good caster for 6 years old. Cliff bought him this fishing pole when he was 4. They just catch and release.

The new friend is in orange. They have a lot in common. They met at the pond behind them, which is near our house.

Hubby and I on our mostly daily walk checking in on our fishing men. The new friend lives right by the pond and both my boys can swim. So we just check in on them every 15 minutes or so. It is great fun to see them branching outside of the normal routine of having friends over everyday.

Seriously, this week has been near perfect. I want to remember this week. I feel happy and content, the kids are getting along, too. I am sleeping well, kids are sleeping well, and we are pretty used to our routine now. No one is sick this week, well except Holden and Cliff, but nothing serious. Cliff has mid-terms this week and we have a lot going on all the time. But it feels normal now that we are getting used to it. Cliff's eyes are droopy a lot when he has to work at 3:30am at his part time job. He takes a lot of naps and he is grumpy a lot. But we manage. He is so close to graduation, we can taste it!

Our 15th wedding anniversary is in one week. Cliff starts a new night class that day, so we are going to celebrate our special day sooner or later. I am excited! We haven't had a date in awhile. We are overdue.

Happy mid-October! And love to all!
~Heather :O)

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