Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just keep swimming

Tomorrow my cousin Michael would have been 40 years old. He took his life a little over a year ago in a terrible murder suicide. He is missed and we wish he was here, but we are still living and following our bliss. I am sorry he is not here to share it with. So all this makes me feel all funny inside and makes my cheeks burn. I push back the tears today, but tomorrow they may flow thinking of all the fun birthday parties I spent with him over the years. So that is where I have been all week, but I haven't stopped living and being hopeful. I am not wallowing in pity or anger. Just trying to live my life and missing my cousin. It still seems like he is around here somewhere, but he is not anywhere that I can call him or see him. I talk to his mom as often as I can and she is doing well---other than missing him, too. Funny thing is, tomorrow is her birthday as well. I sent her a card and have been in touch with her all week. Life does go on and we find ways to just keep swimming.

Love to all!

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