Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Message from Shadow

I am having a great time here in Alaska! When I got here there were 3 dogs. One of them was really grumpy. Every time he growls at me I hide by mom or dad's legs. He can be pretty scary. His name is Dante. He gets the muzzle when he growls at me. When we go on hikes and walks he is really sweet to me and I am able to kiss him on the cheek with no retaliation. The other two dogs are Billie and Deana and they are both girls. Don't ask me what kind of dogs they are because they are all rescue dogs and I can never remember their breeds mixes. They are really cool! Deana can be really silly when she gets Kleenex stuck to her gums.

We are going to Fairbanks tomorrow and I am really excited! The other dogs have to stay home and I will miss them. But I know they will be happy to see me when I return, except maybe Dante.

Happy trails,


Cam said...

We are melting down here in Georgia...can I ship myself to you in Alaska? Puhleeze?

Okay, well, then at least bring me back some snow covered mountain.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am missing some hot weather, but the cottonwood here is giving me hell here. Enjoy the swimming weather for me. ;O)

We are having a blast!