Monday, May 31, 2010

Well that was fast

We are leaving tomorrow for our next adventure, and believe it or not I am homesick and tired. But hopefully I will rally when we get to our final destination--or someplace in between. The weekend was a huge success for our family and it went pretty fast. I was quite out of sorts all weekend due to PMS and lack of sunlight. Considering all that Cliff and the boys had a blast and I enjoyed seeing them in their element. Shadow did amazingly well herself! I did break my camera today, but I have a loaner and I hope to back to blogging with photos again in a week or less. I have been too busy with other things to worry about blogging, to be honest. I have taken lots of photos, but not as many as last year.

Love to all!
~Heather ♥


dairyqueen said...

Heather, I love seeing your families travels and reading about your great adventures! I'm sorry to hear about the broken camera, that is like having a broken arm to me. I almost can't function without one. I can't wait to see all the great pictures you have taken and the ones to come.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks, Sheila! I am so glad to at least have a loaner camera and I will get mine fixed soon, I hope! ♥