Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LIFE is Good begins

We arrived at the LIFE is Good conference hotel last night. We drove to Twin Falls, ID from Boulder on Monday. All went fine on the drive. Shadow is doing wonderfully and she even enjoyed the blizzard we drove through in Wyoming on Monday. We had a wonderful visit with the Burton family on Monday night. We spent the night at their house. They made a delicious dinner and breakfast they shared with us. They will be arriving here today. We have met several very cool families so far. We put a name sign up on our door and Laura Endres (from Illinois) is down the hall and knocked to say hi. It was really fun to meet her as I came down the hall with groceries and saw her at our door. Chris Sanders and I went to Fred Meyer and Trader Joes for groceries.

Camden is taking a nap at the moment and it is pretty dreary here, but so good to be here still! Holden is wandering around with new friends and Cliff is in the lobby visiting with people. All is going perfect.

Can't wait for all the real fun to begin, but first I need a quick rest and some yoga to center myself. ♥


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piscesgrrl said...

I rarely read blogs anymore (no time!) but hopped over after reading the "Aha" posts on the LiG list - it was great to meet you too! It's so fun to finally meet people I've only known through blogging. Sounds like your adventures are going well - I'm so glad! Hope we meet up again someday!!