Monday, April 12, 2010

A Saturday hike at Walnut Woods

How do I spell relief?: Let's go on a hike! Everyone agreed it was a lovely day for it. The best part of it were all the stops along the hike and hearing the loud chorus of toads as we entered and left the park. Seeing Shadow swim in the river was quite entertaining. The best was when Holden and Camden said they were ready to go and tired, but then we found a great place to sit on the banks while they played by the water. It was neat to see all the tent and RV campers at the state park as well. It was a great weekend to get outdoors. We also went to the bird blind. There weren't many birds to see, but we did identify a hairy woodpecker. They are small, black and white birds. The trail we went on at Walnut Woods was not too muddy either. It was nice to escape and go someplace to listen to the birds and be among lots of trees.

Lots of love to all!



Anonymous said...

what is Shadow doing in the tree pic with the boys and Cliff? Is she jumping into the water?? ♥♥♥

Heather's Moving Castle said...

She was taking her paws off the fallen tree. I just missed getting her in the pic with her paws on the fallen tree. She was not on her hind legs for long before she was headed back to the river. She was insanely happy!