Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring time snow and progress

We had the best spring-like day yesterday and spent it outside at park day. Now it is snowing this evening. We have a few inches on the ground now after a snowless ground for about a week or more. We are enjoying having Cliff home this week for Spring Break. I feel re-energized now after some sunny days and having my husband home.

This week we filed our taxes and our passport cards. It is so nerve wracking planning for a long trip. One thing I learned about passport cards is that they are only good to drive into a country not fly. So we couldn't fly into Mexico with our cards. Not that we planned on flying into Canada or Mexico at some point anyhow. Passport books are more expensive so we opted to just get the cards for now since that is all we need.

The boys are at a good place right now and I am loving it!

Have a great weekend all!!!



Hilary said...

Planning for big trips can be so much fun. :)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

yes, it can be fun to plan these long trips!!! it is so hard for me to see all the possibilities until we get out the door. things always fall into place.