Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coyote Club chics, rollerblades, and Spring Break!

One of the moms brought in some baby chics for the kids to hold at Coyote Club on Friday. Camden named his chic Grateful. All the kids had a great time with the chics and the games we played. It was really tough for the kids leave the gathering because they didn't want to say goodbye to the chics and their friends. We've been meeting at a library and the kids run around the meeting room and are loud. We are so thankful the library hasn't complained. We also go outside for hiding games. As soon as the weather warms up more we will meet at parks, County Parks, etc. Cliff has enjoyed attending Coyote Club and seeing the boys interact with new kids. We see kids all the time at our house, but it is cool to meet new friends, too.

I had to throw in a photo of Camden wearing Holden's rollerblades. He wore them a lot this week! He wants a pair of his own and so I wrote it down on a wish list. I see them all the time at garage sales and thrift stores. Most of the time they look barely used.

Today kicks off Spring Break here! Cliff is excited about not having school for a week and we are happy to have him home more on holidays. The kids live Spring Break all the time. Hopefully we will get to do some fun things outdoors. The ground is quite muddy and the air is damp. We plan to have a marshmallow roast this weekend, as soon as we get a sunny moment. I will take some photos of of the snowless ground.

Much love to all!!!!


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