Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baked frog anyone?

This one is for my frog loving sister and my boys' Aunt Heidi.

This beautiful frog was found at Walnut Woods State Park hopping along by the Raccoon River banks last summer. It got lost in the car and was never found until I was cleaning the car out in December. I tucked it away in the ash tray for safe keeping---we don't smoke. And I opened the ash tray yesterday to throw in some loose car change I found in the drink holder. I didn't recognize our little baked friend until I lifted him with two fingers and immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach. I DON"T TOUCH FROGS. I am not a fan of touching alive, or dead, creepy crawlers like my boys do. And I certainly don't feel right about all the baked frogs we find in our cars over the years. So, from now on all frog finds must stay where found. That was something I insisted upon after this guy was lost. May his little soul rest in peace.



Anonymous said...

you evil woman you! How sad! POOR frog! Love ya! ♥♥♥

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yes, I am sorry! I thought it would be a good reminder why frogs in the car is a bad bad bad idea. ;O)

juliecache said...

i can't quit laughing.