Thursday, February 25, 2010

So long February Funkiness

Yes, it was a bit depressing around here all week. We had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, Brownie. But the funk can only last so long. So Camden, our resident clown, decided to liven things up a bit today!

"Now this looks like a "delightful" way to get the wild rumpus groove on, Mom!" Camden's winter gloves are on his feet and he has started wear summer clothes all week. He wears his snow pants and coat over his summer attire when we leave the house....It's still very cold here with lots of snow on the ground.

He cheers Goldie up because she was in a funk, too, after loosing Brownie.

And rather than having pants on the ground, he prefers his pants on his head.

It is great to have such a sparkly little boy around. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a resident clown on deck. We love him!!! ♥

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