Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Legend of the Rainbow Bridge....for pets

This morning was a somber one here. Camden knows Brownie is very, very near the end. First thing out of bed he bolted to the basement to take her from her rat haven. Cuddling her, he cried and sobbed when he talked about how much he is going to miss her. He asked us to get him a new rat from the animal shelter. To ease his pain I told him maybe she will go to the Rainbow Bridge for pets. Have you seen Invention of Lying, when Heaven was invented for the first time? It was kinda like that. He was better after that, but he did ask if she would come back to see him. It was gut wrenching for Cliff and I both to watch....much harder than either of us could imagine. It brought tears to my eyes. Death makes me hope there is some place special waiting for our pets...like the Rainbow Bridge!

Love to all animal lovers out there and all the special pets who have touched my heart. ♥



Heart Rockin Mama said...

It is heart wrenching, isn't it?

We have lost pets, as well as animals we have found and then brought to rehabilitators. Drue has an especially hard time with it.

It's one of the hardest parts of being a mom, I think... watching while your kids heart breaks :(
Love to you all.

Karen said...

So sorry for Camden and all of you... a good book for helping a child with grief over the death of a pet is "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney."

Hugs to you all...

Heather's Moving Castle said...

It was so heartbreaking, but also very touching to see how much a person can love a little rat. And believe me, I am the last person whoever imagined that happening to our family! I was never a rodent fan, but now I see how smart and sweet and loyal they can be.

Thanks for the book idea, Karen. I wrote it down.

I know both your families have seen your share of pet losses over the years.