Friday, January 15, 2010

Perfect sledding weather!

I have to admit sledding can be addicting! I am ready to go again tomorrow! The other day we found a great hill not far from our house. We had enough sleds for us all to go down together. Two sleds were given to us...all we had to do was buy rope. That was only 1.59. Most of the snow may be melted by tomorrow. So I am hoping to have more snow to sled next week. The kids and Cliff laughed at my sledding skills. But I got pretty talented toward the end. Can't wait to perfect my sledding laughs! Shadow ran after the boys on their sleds about every time. She was wore out when we got home. And we had the hill all to ourselves! Holden and Camden learned how to steer so well and went quite far. They reminded me of winter Olympians. I wish I had a video to share!



Anonymous said...

Yeah..but its sad this is the only way I get to see my nefews.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Heheh. Start driving. You could be here by Sunday afternoon. :O)