Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday cheer from Texas with silly photos

It is time for a different kind of update from Texas! We arrived in Austin on Sunday evening and spent it with my Aunt Wilma. Monday we ate a big meal with my Uncle John and mom's sister, Aunt Linda. Tuesday we headed to my sister, Heidi's and stopped at Inflatible Wonderland first. That is where most of these goofball photos were taken.

We arrived at my Sister's house near Conroe on Tuesday evening and are now settled in. We plan to be here for a few weeks.

My nephew will be here this weekend and we are very excited about seeing him again. He will be 12 in January. My BIL law works nights at the Houston jail now and he has to sleep all day. My sister works for a family a few hours a day caring for their kids. But she is taking some time off starting tomorrow and BIL will have some time off as well. So the real fun here hasn't started.

It has been cloudy most of our vacation, but it is warmer than Iowa was when we left. We went out and hand washed the Suburban yesterday and we rode our bikes. Holden and Cliff got haircuts yesterday and went grocery shopping. So nothing too silly.

All is well and we are having a nice vacation.

Love to all!



inconsequentia said...

i love this! thinking of you (jealously)> :)


juliecache said...

excellent silliness. keep it up.