Friday, December 25, 2009

A dark Christmas eve

We're waiting for the boys to wake up to open presents this morning. We had the most interesting Christmas Eve last night. At 5pm the winds blew a tree into the power lines. We saw the transformer make huge sparks. The power company got the power back on at 8pm. It was fun to use candles for light and have a fire for warmth. My sister and I went out to dinner and brought back Subway for everyone. The power came back on right after the sandwiches were eaten. Then we were watching a movie and the power went out again at 10pm. It flickered a few times and we thought it would be back on right away. It came back on around 11:30pm. We were so grateful to sleep through the night with heat. It was going down to 30 here last night. Thank goodness for the men who came out, found the tree in the dark and sawed it down.

Two of our aunts will be arriving this afternoon to share a feast. It is going to be a fun day!

Love to all and Merry Christmas.


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