Thursday, December 10, 2009

Birthdays and Blizzards

We've had an exciting week here of snow, blizzards, birthdays, hot soup, movies, and more. For my birthday I got a Vitamix and a trip to the YMCA, chauffeured by my darling husband. My favorite part is seeing the kids climb the climbing wall on our way out of the gym. I have been using the Vitamix to chop foods in under a minute, make smoothies, and soups. Cliff fixed my spice drawer and helped put together a party for Holden. Holden insisted on having a party. He had a pinata already and thought it would be fun to use it this year. Cliff went out in the blizzard to buy candy and pick up some local little friends of ours for the party. Holden got some awesome walkie talkies for his birthday and a Nintendo DS. We gave them to him awhile back because we can never wait to give gifts. He didn't really mind.

Now it is time for us to focus on getting out of town. We leave in less than a week to see family in Texas!

Love to all!


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