Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Introducing our new daughters

So what if they are rats! Now I have three girls and two boys. LOL. This was Camden's birthday present and he is quite in love! We adopted them from the Animal Rescue League for 7.50 a piece. The adoption process took about half an hour. It was quite hilarious. I wish I had a video camera set up. The guy had a hard time keeping a straight face about some of the questions he had to ask and tell me. For the love of God! They are rats! Holden thought it was very interesting though.

Holden named his Brownie and Camden's has changed names two times in one day. At the moment it is Golden Hawk. LOL. It was Kitty.

Several neighbor kids were here playing with them today and I hope the rats make it through the night. They are exhausted! I had to donate plasma today and run errands. Cliff took the boys and rats to the chiropractor today while I was gone. Yes! And when I got home at 6pm they were all playing hide and seek in the house. It was a lot of laughs for the kids. But the poor rat girls were ready for bed soon after. They went straight into their cage without a fuss, and went to bed.

Shadow, our 1.5 year old Golden Retriever was welcoming to the rats, too. At least she didn't try to eat them. The rat girls are extremely sweet and pretty as you can see. I am sure I never would have dreamed I'd be the proud mother of two boys, and two rat daughters.

Can't wait to see what adventures await us tomorrow!



Karen said...

Aren't rats sweet? Stephen had two rats - not at the same time - and I must admit we were surprised at how completely loveable they are!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yes, they are extremely sweet! Camden is already wondering if he can have 15 rats for his 15th birthday!