Monday, September 28, 2009

Boys at the Reptile Rescue

Before park day last Thursday, we went to the local Reptile Rescue at a nearby mall. We went to meet the family running the place and all their critters up for adoption and there for education. My boys fell in love with the bearded dragon, baby iguana, and the python. Not sure why the python photo is turned. Oh well.

We are having a Halloween party at the Reptile Rescue on October 23. The two daughters who helped us with the critters have the party marked on their calendar so they can help answer questions for us. They are excited because they are homeschooled too. Both boys wanted to adopt all the cool critters. They have a lot of people who want to adopt the cool critters. That is so awesome! Many of the reptiles have been mistreated. There was a monitor that has brain damage and it is obvious by the way he moves his head around a lot. The bearded dragon had a messed up foot. But they were all quite lovable. We spent an hour getting to know the creatures and talking about party planning. We could have been there a few hours. It was fascinating. The mother who own the place teaches part time at several colleges to help run this place. Her husband does several odd jobs as well as working there. The reptile rescue is run on donations and adoption fees.

The place is not in old shoe store as I had thought. They are in closer to the center of the mall, but near the JC Penny side of the center. So we parked in the right area at least. It was cool to see the huge wooden wall set up to block a future movie production going on for Blackbeard. They were painting a wall blue. It was in the same corner as the previous Animal Rescue League location (ARL moved a few doors down from the reptile rescue. Lots of changes going on there. The mall is like a ghost town otherwise.

Can't wait to see those critters again soon!


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