Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yellowstone: Day 2, part 2

After we made it back to our campsite from Old Faithful it got really sunny and warmer. Cliff tried for at least an hour to get our campfire going again. The campsite neighbors behind us came over to say hi and offered to loan us a few squirts of their lighter fluid. That did the trick! We cooked a really big lunch, made some s'mores, and then headed out to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We picked up some lighter fluid at the convenient store and gassed up. Then we went to the shower house. We didn't have cash so we went to get cash and go back. Thankfully Camden had fallen asleep because he was wore out. I stayed in the car while Cliff and Holden took a shower. When Cliff came out from his shower Camden woke up and I went in. It felt great to shower! It was nice and hot with lots of pressure. We finally got to the Canyon falls at about 6:00 p.m. There were lots of points of interest there to see. Some of the the hikes were steep. We took a break to eat some sandwiches with the items from our cooler. All the points of interest were really neat. It was one of my favorite spots at Yellowstone, besides the nature encounters. We headed back to camp and prepare to leave the next morning. We still had to decide if we would leave from the south entrance and head to the Grand Teton National Park or leave through Lamar Valley with a chance to see wolves. I'll blog about that next. :O)

Love and gratitude!

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