Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last stop: Colorado--part 1

We planned to hit Colorado to see Cliff's uncle in Colorado Springs. We landed with some friends first since they were a few hours closer from Yellowstone-- and it was going to be late enough as it was. We drove through some icky weather, but nothing too serious. We only planned to stay with them a few days and then head to Cliff's uncle's. But we ended up staying a week, and it never worked out to see his uncle.

The day after we arrived in Boulder we were invited to go to the Extreme Gym. It was quite awesome!!! And then we hit the town that night. We went to Pearl Street in Boulder on a triple date, plus one REALLY cute baby. All the kids were happy to stay at home with Sarah. She's really pretty and good with kids! It was a really fun night for all.

I'll have to break up our Colorado story into parts. A lot happened.

More to come this week.

Peace and gratitude!


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