Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seahurst Park, Washington

Our favorite thing to do while visiting the Seattle area this past week was heading to the beach (Seahurst Park)! We went a total of four times because it was only about 5 minutes from Cliff's sister, Tammy's house. The road to get there lined with trees, ferns, and a creek which was preceded by a neighborhood of houses. We checked the low tide schedule and found that right before low tide is the best time to go to find lots of interesting sea creatures. As you can see we found lots of starfish and crabs. Holden thought the gooey ducks were quite amusing because they spit water through their holes and go back under the sand when they sense danger. I thought the sea cucumber was beautiful. Someone pointed it out to us. The best way to find all the starfish is to walk south along the beach to where all the seaweed is on the beach. It is at least half a mile south of the bathrooms. Some of the starfish are stranded on the shore and some are in the water near the shore. The creature on the garden shovel is unknown to us. So if anyone knows what it is, please tell us.

From the photos you can't really see the mountains too well. But they look bigger in person.

The really neat thing about this park is that you can set up a time to have a local expert at the park come give a group talk about the sea creatures that live there. The guys were able to catch a talk being given to a school group one afternoon at the beach. That is how they learned so much about the sea creatures there and how to locate starfish. There are signs posted explaining that the park is a nature preserve for water and land creatures, and to do no harm. If anything is found you are expected to put it back where you found it or do no harm. Everything we found was put back in the water or on land. The boys were gentle to all the creatures we found.

We're really going to miss that beach and Tammy, too.

Grateful for Seahurst Park and to Tammy for showing it to us!!!


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Anonymous said...

Mossy Chiton on shovel, Sis. Glad y'all are having a blast. Wish Robbie and I could be there now!!!! HUGSSSSSSS