Monday, May 18, 2009

Montana adventures

We're still in Montana and we couldn't have timed the weather to be more perfect. Here are a few photos to show our adventures over the past few days with Darin in Paradise, MT. Some of these photos include friends we made in the neighborhood and the drive here on I-90 west through the Rocky Mountains. We are heading further west tomorrow, and have really enjoyed our time here surrounded by mountains, birds, flowers, music and friendly people. We haven't stopped eating and having fun here. Yesterday Darin took us fishing at a privately owned creek of a friend of his. The friend's son showed up and offered to take the guys on their row boat. He rowed them out. They never saw any fish, but it was still fun. Darin taught me how to use his open face pole. I cast out a ton, but we didn't see anything either. I caught a few trees. lol. Before that we drove to the top of a mountain so we could climb a look-out tower. But the road had snow closer to the top and we stopped and walked up the road a ways. It tooks us about 25 minutes to drive up as far as we did. We never made it to the tower.

Darin, his wife, and mother in law have made breakfast two days in row. Last night Darin's parents and his wife's parents came over for a feast. They grilled burgers and steamed oysters brought in from Washington with Robin (Darin's mother in law). We plan to head back this way in a few weeks or so. I have to thank my darling hubby for helping me to get my photos uploaded to this laptop.

Being here is a dream for my husband. He was in the Air Force with Darin. They were stationed in Great Falls, MT together. Hubby spent a lot of time off here over those four years he was stationed at Malmstrom AFB. He's been dreaming about coming back here for a long time. Darin came to our wedding in 1995 and he is a really neat person. Our lives have intersected over the years. He was living in Texas earlier in the decade like we were and we visited him. I lived in Great Falls for a few years as well back in the early 90s and have fond memories of Montana and my younger years with hubby; who wasn't my hubby yet.

I am watching some humming birds out the window at the feeders. The boys were outside playing with the turtle. Now they're inside eating ice cream. Bree (Darin's wife went to work, Darin and Cliff went to the work shop for a few hours.) It is going to be 83 here today. Lovely, lovely!!!!! We'll be biking around the neighborhood and hope to see the train go by again. We're in for a beautiful week in the NW. Hope your week is beautiful as well. So that is all for now.

Lots of love!!! ~Heather xoxox


GreenRanchingMom said...

Beautiful!! Have tons of fun!!

sarah said...

Looks like so much fun!

juliecache said...

glad things are going well for you.