Monday, April 20, 2009

Farm joy (Our weekend in MN)

I just love all the chances we get to spend time enjoying farm life with friends. This weekend we met John Buxcel in Minnesota to pick up our new ride. So, I couldn't stand to just turn around and come home without visiting Alex P. at the dairy farm in Byron, MN (3.5 hours from us in Iowa). We had a really fun time!!!! Camden wishes we lived with them or they lived with us. They are really special and Alex always amazes me. She's super cool. I didn't take any photos of us because we were mostly slumming it and relaxing.

Alex set up a park afternoon on Saturday in Rochester to meet up with other folks we know. It was really warm that day. Holden fell in love with a ferret named Peanut. And on Sunday we went to the Athletic Club in Rochester. We spent all of the afternoon in the Neighborhood (part of the Athletic Club). It is a huge play area for kids. It has mini golf, aeroball trampolines, climbing structures, dodge ball area, basketball courts, Dance Dance Revolution area, a play area for toddlers, and several other things. When we go back this summer we're going to hang out at the pool with them at the Athletic Club. That place was AWESOME!!!!

A side story: When I was in the bathroom at the Athletic Club on Sunday I overheard two girls in middle school talking about how they had school the next day. They were sad and wished that school was two days a week and that weekends were five days long. It made me really wish all kids could have parents who understood and cared to look for other options for their kids. There are so many other ways to learn and be with other kids. In the safety of one's parents is a really awesome way to feel secure, happy, and learn all there is know about finding answers to anything a person wants to know, or needs to know. Life is too precious to waste on busy work, or studying to do good on that test that you won't even remember all the answers to afterward.

The rest of the weekend we just hung out at the farm. It was a lot of fun being with other people who totally get what we are about. Alex is a wise mama. She even helps me when I am frustrated or stressed at the moment. She says things that help me to be kind and gentle to my kids. I was really frazzled when I was getting ready to go, as most moms are when trying to get out the door. She understood my feelings, but stood up for my kids, too. She's amazing. I feel so lucky to have so many people in my life who help me to be a better mother.

On the way home Camden fell asleep and then I moved him from the car to the couch. He slept for over two hours. Do ya think he had a fun weekend????? I am grateful the joy is never over here.


kelli said...

It's very cool that you guys have each other, some what close by ;) how far a drive is it? Sounds like a great time.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

She is about 3.5 hours away. Our kids seem to enjoy each other too. :O)

kelli said...

That's awesome Heather :) that's not bad at all. Some of the kids best friends are around that distance from us too. That's closer than Alex was from me when we lived in MN! MN is a big state *g*

Wheelchair Mama said...

Love you, Heather. Thanks for posting about all of your fun. It inspires me.

Alex Polikowsky said...

Hey Heather Thanks for all the compliments *blush* but I am not that wonderful.
YOu make me seem so cool!
YOU are cool!