Thursday, February 12, 2009

We've got game (and skills)

(Thank you, Kelli for helping me figure out how to do a screen shot and get it here by pasting it into paint. It works like a charm.) This is my World of Warcraft toon, Selibo, on the Whisperwind server. I have been playing WoW since about November of last year. I feel like I am just hitting the tip of the iceberg with this game. There are many races, classes, professions, and places to go in the game. And of course there are Alliance and Horde toons. I have had one on the Horde that I loved. But my husband and kids prefer Alliance toons, so that is what I am on now.

My professions (skills) are mining and engineering. I just made myself Flying Tigers Eye goggles the other day, and now I upgraded to level 150 engineering goggles. I made level 30 this week and got my first mount shown in this photo. I had to work very hard for it. Both my boys helped me quest to reach level 30 and even loaned me some WoW gold. I can get places quicker and outrun beasts more easily. I'm surprised at how much I am learning about all the different minerals out there to mine and how to mix them to make new creations. My engineering is exciting too. Both my boys are testing new toons all the time to see what skills they have. I am convinced they are going to be WoW experts soon. It takes a few years to be experts, I would assume.

I'm so amazed at how much fun gaming is. It can be time consuming, but I figure this game is just another faze in a long string of learning and playing we will encounter over the years. My boys' friends come over to play and one of their friends has it at home now, thanks to his older brother. His mom says it's evil, but that is coming from someone who has never played it. I think it depends on what you chose to do with the game. Our experiences have been positive. It is not for everyone though. There are lots of other really cool games out there. This one takes the internet and only one person can play at a time; unless you want to pay to have it on two computers. There are four of us that enjoy it, so that is a must here. I'm sure as the weather turns warmer and we get a second vehicle we will be onto other interests. But we'll always remember this winter as the winter we fell in love with WoW.

May your blades never dull,

Heather xoxox


zamozo said...

Gratz on lvl 30! I just reached level 30 myself -- with my kids' help. Zach is good at standing and watching over my shoulder and coaching me through difficult battles -- Zoe is great at playing her character and helping me with quests! I really love how WoW has been such a fun activity we all three enjoy playing and talking about together. "For the Horde!"

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thank you on the gratz!!! I miss my Horde toon a lot. It was so hard to delete her (level 22). But I love my level 30 too. I have some fond memories of you helping me as well as Clayre. I miss Durator and Orgrimmor (Sp?). But I love playing with my little boys. They are so cool.

kelli said...

Yay! Congrats! Isn't it exciting getting your mount??? Awesome! :)

Snavleys said...

You go girl! I HATE gaming. I know, it's a powerful word- I've tried many times to like doing it for the sake of my kids but............I just don't and I've fully embraced that fact:) That's awesome that you enjoy it so much though.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Heidi, Yes I used to HATE gaming before WoW. It felt like a lot of work for me. WoW is a lot of work, but more fun. Wow was a lot of work for me to learn, but very easy for my kids and hubby. I'm amazed at all my 4 year old teaches me! He shows me where flight paths are and tells me where not to go until I am a higher level. Today I was going down a path minding my own business and he told me not to go that way. I didn't believe him and I got jumped by some in-game higher levels and died.

And I LOVE having a rider now! It is so cool to run fast and past situations that I want to avoid. Something snuck up on me the other day and I was on my rider. I just got the heck out and fast. My youngest loves to play on my night elf hunter. He loves to get me new pets and stable current ones.