Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rose colored glasses, exceptions, & crystal ball

Last night our family attended a Quinceanera (that word freaks out the spell checker all right, lol) party for a neighbor of ours. It is like a sweet sixteen party, but a Hispanic tradition for girls to celebrate their passage of childhood to maturity at age 15. We were treated like a family. We started getting to know these neighbors a few years ago when Camden and Holden would go over to play with their chickens which belonged to their oldest daughter (the one who just turned 15 this weekend). Camden became good friends with their youngest daughter who is now 5. I like to go over to speak with their mom who actually doesn't speak much English. They're always so friendly and eager to help us anytime we need it. Their middle daughter has watched our boys on several occasions and is always so willing to help us. It surprised me when they wanted to get our family together to photograph us with their daughter last night. They even brought us some food this morning which was left from the party. But looking back at the last few years, I guess we have become like family.

I'm grateful I have a tendency to see the world and people through rose colored glasses, otherwise I may have missed out on some wonderful experiences over the years. It all started when I was about 15, I guess. And that is a really long story. But I can see how that shift in thinking can alter a persons whole life. Before that I was pretty negative, but not always. And over the years I still fight that tendency to be negative. I try to keep my rose colored glasses in focus.

The more I try to see the world as a good place, the more good I receive. When I have my rose colored glasses on I get better results, I should say. When I feel the world is good, my needs are generally met. When I have positive expectations and feeling in a situation that is what expectation is fulfilled. If I am expecting the worst in people that is what usually happens.

For instance, if I am expecting my husband, neighbor, friend, kids to respond in either a positive or negative way that is usually the outcome. We are our own crystal ball, in a way. We can predict an outcome by our reactions, meditations, self talk, etc. We can plan for what we want as well. That which is needed can be received. We just have to ask for it, think about it, meditate or pray about it, if that is the wording you prefer. I expect the best out of all situations and I usually get what I expect because those are the vibrations I give off. They are powerful. It is not in a bossy way, but a caring and compassionate way.

I am still fine tuning my rose colored glasses and crystal ball. It is not an exact science, so to speak. But I have an idea of how it works. My emotional vibrations can pull in responses from people and things. My emotional vibrations will attract certain outcomes. If I am PMSing my emotional vibrations will draw in PMS vibrations around me. It is like a magnet, so to speak. If I am feeling on top of the world everyone around me can feel and sense that energy and feed on it. Same for when I am NOT on top of the world. It is like the universe is aligning the stars in some way. You can call it God or anything you like. I am highly aware of how my emotions and actions effect my life. I have to be really careful about what I put into my mind because it effects everything. The people I choose to be around, the shows/movies I watch, music I listen to all have a powerful influence on the outcome of every situation.

I believe we can create our own fate with rose colored glasses. Each of us have the power to change our frequency or view on the world. It's just a matter of practice. There are some instances where I have to be realistic and put on another pair of glasses. It can be tricky. But it is important. There are some situations when no matter how red my glasses are, the view is still black. In that case I run like heck and don't look back. There are just some really toxic situations that I chose not to be around. And my inner voice kicks in and says get out quick. We all have to listen to that inner guide or God-like voice. We may try to take the higher road and stick around. But trust me it isn't worth it. Sometime you just gotta go with your gut and run. It can save our life. I'm sure it has saved mine over the years.

I have set myself up for failure many times by not tuning into all these truths. For instance, we used to have credit cards for emergencies. And wouldn't you know every time we would get them paid off there would be an emergency. We were setting ourselves up to be disappointed. We were not leaving any other options for success. If a washer or dryer would break we'd use our Sears card to get a new one, instead of finding a better solution. Cliff has learned to fix the problem or we go out and buy a decent used one. When we have an issue with the cars we fix it or find someone who can do it. It always works out. It is amazing how it always does. We have been credit card free for about 5 years now. For any work travel expenses Cliff has needed his employer gives him a credit card. Period. Easy.

I am so excited about all the positive changes I have seen in my life the last year since I started realizing all these truths. Before good things just happened by accident, or because I thought it was God's will (no pun intended). No matter what our beliefs these truths can work for anyone and have. I didn't invent any of these truths. They are there for anyone to tap into through meditation, prayer, or just by being aware. And remember the the old saying, be careful what you wish for, because it can be taken literally.

Let me know what color your glasses are and if you are aware of how they can change your view and results. My sunglasses really are rose colored. LOL. But even those without real glasses can play along.

Roses and happy endings for all,
Heather xoxox


GreenRanchingMom said...

I also believe in rose colored glasses. Have you ever read or listened to "the Secret"?

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I have read that and seen the movie, plus I have read a few books that go in depth about how our thoughts create our reality. I am a long way from fully understanding it all. I do know that even when I make negative predictions they are likely to come true. I'm talking about the negative self talk predictions. The ones we would me mortified it anyone heard them.

Snavleys said...

Thank you for that post! I seem to be getting lots of reminders this week so I need to take the time and slow down. I have a tendency to assume the worst, even though I preach the opposite to others. Time to revisit The Four Agreements this week. Oh, and have you seen The Secret yet? Great one! I think there was a little too much focus on material things but, all in all, it was a great message.

Snavleys said...

Maybe I should read other posts before I post, lol. You already got that question, and already answered it!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I started the four agreements once and didn't finish it. I hope to finish it one day. ;o)