Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pre-Spring Break trip to the rescue!!!

The kids and I are off for a pre-spring break get-a-way. We are leaving really soon!! It is much needed here! I'm leaving today to miss a winter storm. We're going straight to Alex Polikowsky's in Byron, MN. She's the unschooler on the dairy cow farm we went to see in September. When the storm lets up on Thursday or Friday we're heading to the Holiday Inn in Owatonna, MN. A bunch of us unschoolers will be meeting up for some winter rejuvenation at the hotel waterpark.

This get-a-way is coming just in time for us!! A change of scenery does wonders for me and the kids. Winter time has a way of turning me into Medusa no matter how hard I try. LOL. And the kids are getting antsy for summer! Holden asked me the other day when summer will be here. So this will be perfect for them.

I've got my camera packed and I will come back with lots of happy memories and photos to share.

Lots of love to all!

~Heather ;o)


Hilary said...

Have fun. We made it to the Science Center yesterday, with a bunch of pit stops along the way. It's amazing how just a day trip can brighten your spirits.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Yes! Day trips are awesome! I love going across town too! All is going great here. Kids are still asleep and will decide later if and when to head to the hotel.

Happy day to all! ;o)

Karen said...

Have a great time!