Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me and my homies

Just a small update here. We ordered our kitchen cabinets this week. They will be here in about a month. So our kitchen will be undergoing a much needed face lift soon and I will be doing dishes in the tub for a week or two. I'm still excited! We will be taking our time on the project. We will be ordering our counter top after the cabinets are installed to make sure it will fit right. We have to move plumbing about two feet to the new location of the sink. It should be interesting. And we will get help! ;o)

I am fighting a cold or something this week. So I have been taking it easy. I did try to go on a walk to Brown's Woods yesterday and the trail was a bumpy sheet of ice. And then I tried to go to the state park down the road and it was closed due to flooding. My doggy and I were disappointed, but it was really cold and windy. So it was o.k. It was just nice to get out. I went to a friends after that and felt really rejuvenated when I got home to my boy house! Camden missed me and we played a chase came. I tried out my replacement karaoke last night too. The other one died and the company sent me another one for free. I just had to mail in the broken one. The new one works great. This afternoon the boys and I will be going to meet friends at Cup o' Kryptonite for games and friend time. I am excited about that.

Next week the boys and I will be going to Minnesota for a few days to an unschooling waterpark gathering at a Holiday Inn. I am really looking forward to it! It is only about three hours away. If it works out we'll be going to stay with a friend on the day it ends. She lives about 45 minutes from the hotel. She is going to be attending the gathering as well. Cliff can't go because he has school. Poor guy! He is going to miss out. We'll miss him. But me and my home boys will be loving our little road trip.

And when we get back from Minnesota it will be about one week from Cliff's spring break from school. His is early! So if we are really lucky we'll be picking up our new (used) vehicle out of town. We are buying it from a friend who is in California, but used to live in S. Dakota. But we hope to meet them out west somewhere. But we'll see. If our cabinets get here, we may stay home and work on that. They may be headed to MN in April and could just meet them closer for the vehicle transaction. Makes more sense!

The boys are doing great and ready for warmer days too! Our snow is melted again and we know winter is not quite over, but we have seen robins the past few weeks! That is always a comforting sight.

Love and laughter to all! Here's a re-post of one of my favorite YouTubes a friend posted a few years ago. It still makes me smile. If I remember correctly this was a video made at a Not Back to School Camp a few years back. If you don't know about the camp, I highly recommend Googling it:

~Heather xoxox

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