Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy as bees

Seems like things are really busy here. We are playing catch up on some things. Cliff is busy with his new semester of college. We are finally getting our new high efficient furnace installed very soon. We are planning our new kitchen. It is going to be great once it is done, but we will be doing the tear down. I know we'll run into glitches, but we'll make it. We always do. We are down to one car still and shopping for just the right one. Cliff is torn about what he wants to do. We need to wait a few weeks before we decide if we will fix the POS old one or get a used Suburban take to Yellowstone, and the Life is Good Conference in May! That was his idea and he seems excited about it. But we'll see if finances allow for it.

Both boys are super busy most of the time at home or on outings with us. Even down time doesn't always feel like down time. Camden woke up this morning telling me his priorities for that moment. I just sigh and go help him. I want to relax for a bit, but it is o.k. I love helping him. But then Holden wakes up and I am helping them both. So I get overwhelmed and go take shower. We are heading outside when it reaches the high. We need the fresh air. Learning 24/7 is hard work ya know! LOL.

This weekend we have some fun plans. Cliff is busy working on enlisting in the Air National Guard and he was gone for a day and a half, but is back now. He is actually at school working on that during his hour break between classes. He has been working on that on and off for months actually. He hopes to get into weather training with that part time job. Since he was in the Air Force years ago and has a good record with the Navy Reserves all should go well. It's just a matter of whether or not they accept him due to his physical issues which aren't too terrible. He has lots of back up plans. All went well on his trip to give a deposition in Texas.

Life is going good and we are surviving the cold. The van worked like a charm yesterday when we went to see friends at a coffee shop and took friends with us too. It didn't start last night when we were leaving a drug store on our way to the airport. But thankfully we had our car battery charger in the van. With help from a stranger I got it connected in the -10 degrees and started up the van fine. I had a hard time getting one of the connections onto my battery. Thankfully I don't have stranger fears and can ask anyone for help anytime. LOL. It is one reason I never worry about not having a cell phone and an old car.

I better go make lunch now and help little ones. My break is officially over.

Love and laughter to all!

~Heather xoxoxo

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