Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr. Busy Body

Camden is in a really cool stage lately. He has been extra creative and resourceful lately. He rummages through all drawers, scales closets, counters, and cabinets looking for things. He finds computer games and board games I have forgotten about that Holden has outgrown. He asks if we have food coloring for experiments. The night before we left for Texas we made a cornstarch, water, color mix in the bath tub. Afterward he had a green colored bath and pretended to be in the ocean. He even asked for his goggles to swim in the ocean. He was rather persistent one day last week about wanting to find the Spongebob disc for the Gamecube system. It had been missing for months. He found the empty case last week and so the search began. Thanks to his resourcefulness the disc was found in an old (and broken) Gamecube system he asked me to take down from the closet. The old system was in a box in the closet. I never would have thought to look in there!
Some days I am very tired and cranky because I am still adjusting to his new stage and even more than usual non-stop quests. But all in all it is pretty cool. He is an awesome little boy and I am so proud to be his mama. He has already ransacked my newphew's closet and games. He tried to roller skate last night.
Right now Camden and Holden are playing WoW. It is really quiet. My sister and her husband went to work this afternoon. Cliff is relaxing on the couch with my sister's laptop. What a cool life! Cliff and I can't wait to have a date this week or weekend. Both boys are so happy Cliff is on his winter break. And I am so happy too! He has already had two little dates with Camden while I got to relax with my sister and play WoW with Holden. Ahhhh relief.
The only thing missing now is cousin they boys' cousin, Robbie and the chickens! Too bad Jasmine (chicken) took off (or was eaten) and Speedy the rooster is deep in the woods behind my sister's house. Both boys went to look for him last night before it got pitch dark. Both boys will go visit their schooled Texas friends later on after the school bus goes by. Robbie will get here on Friday night. We'll have some nice family bonding time in the meantime. At our house in Iowa it has been very hectic because all the boys friends come over almost everyday and no one wants to play outside for very long. The weekends are not relaxing, Cliff and I have not had any alone time for about a month. We are in heaven right now reconneting as a family. It is good to get away and see where we need to improve as a family.
Love to all...

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