Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best Christmas ever!

It is the happiest Christmas ever here! Since we are not the normal family who can wait to make happiness, we have had Christmas every day this past year--and this last week is no exception. We now have the WoW Wrath of the Lich King downloaded and Cliff has made a Death Knight toon. We like to enjoy the simple and free treasures in life, but sometimes it is fun to splurge. Thankfully we don't have credit cards and were able to pay cash. If not, we would have just gone without as we have done many times in the past. With all the doom and gloom in the world, we feel grateful for our good fortune this year.

I am working on my mining and engineering skills with my WoW toon. I am embarrassed by some of the goofy things that happen to me on WoW. I spent a lot of time trying to buy an anvil today so I can make some cool bombs for questing or to sell. I even asked a few level 70s where I can find an anvil to buy. It wasn't until I did another Google about where to buy an anvil that I realized I couldn't buy an anvil, I had to stand at an anvil, like at a forge to smelt copper into bars. LOL. Then the funny part came later when I realized I was standing at an anvil--in the center of Ironforge--when I asked a level 70 toon where I can buy an anvil. He was using the anvil, no less and he told me he had never heard of an anvil. LOL. He was being smart with me, I guess.

Life is going fine here in Texas. The boys played outside a lot yesterday with their cousin while Cliff and I went on a date. My sister was home with them. It was a fun date. We went to a Chinese buffet and then went to see "Twilight" which we enjoyed. The boys had fun with their aunt and cousin too. I had come home and they didn't even miss us. They had cookies and spaghetti and went on a bike ride. It was a very mild day here. Today it is much cooler and dreary again. But still not too bad. The kids are outside playing and it will be about 20 degrees warmer in a few days.

My Christmas present and Camden's was getting a karaoke machine. Camden loves to sing and so do I. We have had a lot of fun singing the past few days. I have been wanting a karaoke machine awhile and the prices are very reasonable at Best Buy. My sister and I did a few duets last night, and got some good laughs. LOL.

We have a few things to open on Christmas morning, but the best has been just living each day to the fullest by enjoying family and our own passions as well. It doesn't take Christmas or any other holiday for us to count our blessings and to celebrate. We'll be taking off from my sister's soon enough and we want to treasure our time here. I am going to go outside now to see what the boys are doing with their cousin and neighbor. Cliff is out with B-I-L and it is so quiet in here now.

Happy holidays and happy winter solstice to all!

Love to all...

~Heather oxoxox

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