Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanky Panky

On the eve of Thanksgiving I thought it would be appropriate to thank the universe for all the things I am most grateful for:

The people in my life like friends, husband, children, dog, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, cousins, and family who are not with us on earth any longer--like my mom, Cliff's mom and dad and Cameron. They are here with us in spirit always.

I'm so grateful for caring neighbors and friends in our homeschooling community as well.

I feel so fortunate to have my health as well. I'm recovering nicely, just hope I didn't overdue it today. Please keep reminding me to take it easy!! I'm also so thankful for lots of little things like electricity. Ours went out for a few minutes last night and it scared me. I'm thankful for our house and cars too. I'm thankful for the meal we will share with a friend tomorrow. I'm thankful for the nice stove I have to cook the turkey in.

I know I am truly fortunate and I appreciate all the wonderful things and people in my life. We are not rich, but I am so thankful for all we do have. But mostly I am grateful for all the sacrifices my husband has made so I can stay home with our boys. And I am so thankful for all the women out there who have paved the way for this lifestyle to make a comeback. I am thankful I have the choice of whether to stay home or work.

Thank you to all the people who blog and share your lives with others. It has been such a neat world to be a part of. Thanks for letting me share my world with you as well. And thank you to my silent lurkers. I know you're there. :)

Thank you universe for all these things mentioned and unmentioned (like sunsets, flowers, oceans, rivers, trees, honey, etc.). I am eternally grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


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Alex Polikowsky said...

I am tahnkful to have met you and your family!