Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The new warm and upcoming excitement

Fall is really settling in here. I have been asked to buy hot cocoa the next time I am at the store. We've been so lucky to have 70s and 80s for highs the past few weeks. Now we are going to be in 60s for the highs this week; lows in the 40s or so. So we are getting used the new warm here. Today we went on a walk and had to wear pants, jackets, and hats. It was only 58 degrees out!

Cliff is in full swing in his fall semester. He is taking English, Spanish, biology, and history. He is a busy man! But all is going well with everything....relationship, finances, etc. He is going to sell his car and get one with better gas mileage. His 1996 Crown Vic needs a lot of work and he doesn't have the time or money to spend on it anymore. So he has been looking at repossessed cars on ebay auctions. We had another date on Friday. We went out to eat and a funny movie. It was good to make time to reconnect.

Over the weekend Camden and I went to pick apples at a nearby orchard. We went on a tractor pull ride through the orchard and fields. It was a nice time! I was renewed with my parenting choices after meeting a mom on the ride who had a 15 year old son she spoke poorly about. She said she is having a tough time as a single mom of a teen boy. She had two girls with her who were friends. One of the girls was very scared of the ride. It was a slow ride but the trailer was squeaky and she was afraid it would break. Camden and I were as calm as could be and he was not afraid of anything. It made the other mom very nervous to see him do anything besides sit still.

Holden is starting Tae Kwon Do classes tonight. We were going to wait and start next week b/c we were going out of town. The friend we were going to see is ill. I am sending her get well vibes! We'll be off and running this week instead. Holden is thrilled about his class. One of his friends has asked to go with him to watch.

I am going to sign Camden up for a tumbling class next week. It is short and close to home. I think he'll enjoy it! He is such a ham!

Speaking of the ham! Camden's 4th birthday is on Saturday! I've been cuddling him and hugging him a lot lately. He is asleep right now. He stopped taking naps but he willingly laid down this afternoon. We're having a small party for him on Saturday. On Thursday night we're going to the Iowa Events Center to see Walking With Dinosaurs. We are all very excited! The dinosaurs are life size animatronics (robitic) and will be very scary. Camden has seen the behind the scenes youtube of the making of a dino, so he is not worried.

Holden is waiting for me to play baseball in the backyard and Cliff will be home soon. Off to see the wizard! Hope your new warm is wonderful!


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denise said...

I just discovered your blog. I have two boys also - similar ages. :) Just wanted to say HI!