Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holden's Life

Special projects have been in the works today. My son, Holden took a special interest in taking pictures again and he wants me to write stories to go with his photos. Therefore, I have created a blog for him. He wanted to me to write a story to go with the photos we posted today. But I got busy reformatting my own blog; something I was scared to do. I was afraid changing templates would cause me to lose my side bar info. It was no big deal at all. So maybe another day I will feel inspired to write a story for Holden's photos.

Both boys want their own cameras. Holden used to have a 24mm camera I bought him. It was junk so it made its way out of our life. lol. Now both boys use my camera. It is very sturdy, so I don't panic.

The title of this post is clickable, to see Holden's blog. There's not much there yet.

A few other ramblings on my mind:

My sister in Texas has electricity again after a week of the Ike issues. I am so happy for her! I am sad for those who are not as lucky.

I heard from a long lost friend today who I have been worried about.

We went out to breakfast today and went on a hike tonight with the kids and dog. It was mostly a down day for Cliff and I.

And for anyone wondering: Holden is still wearing his earring. He cleans his ear lobe twice a day and he loves his ear being pierced. None of his friends came to visit him today and I am hoping their parents haven't banned their kids from coming over. Holden's homeschooled buddies didn't even say a word or bat an eye at park day. To each his own. He's still the same beautiful, intelligent boy. He has thick skin too.

I am off to bed after a really great day! Much peace to all!