Saturday, July 12, 2008

Too much to tell

I am on my way to bed after a really fun and beautiful day here in Maine. I took at least 100 photos and can't wait to upload them into a slide show when I get home. Although I am glad I still have two more days with family here. They are an extremely fascinating and inspirational group of people. They are more than I could have hoped for and I am so grateful to finally be here after years of wondering about who they may be. And they are just as happy to have me here, and I feel so loved.

Nothing but joy and love in my head tonight! Missing my Iowa boys and hubby. But they agree I needed this and deserved this. The universe is a wonderful place.

Love to you all! I appreciate all the kudos the past few days. I will try to elaborate more when I get home for my own record of events here.

~Heather xoxxo

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